Advent Concert 2022 in the WIR-Haus

Advent concert at the WIR-Haus with “Young Voices” and the “Deutsche Sänger” choir





Together with the guests from our twin towns Ware and Bondues we enjoyed the Advent concert in the WIR-Haus on Saturday afternoon. The event was sold out and the joy of a live event was unmistakable among the actors and the audience.
The songs of the “Young Voices“, especially the solos of Lea Puls, were sensational
and led several times to thunderous applause from the auditorium.





During the break, everyone could help themselves to a rich Christmas buffet.
The friends from Ware and Bondues had brought specialities from their homeland, which met with great enthusiasm.
The Circle of Friends of Town Twinning had provided German nibbles.
This break was also used intensively to hold conversations, maintain old contacts and start new acquaintances.
Everyone felt good and there was hardly anything left over from the buffet.
That’s exactly how it should be.





In the second part of the concert, the choir “Deutsche Sänger” performed German Christmas carols.
This choir also inspired the audience.
Afterwards, the joint singing of many well-known Christmas carols began.
Supported by both choirs, the audience got involved in singing along to the songs.
After only two songs, the courage and fun of singing along were unmistakable.
A really successful Advent concert, that definitely needs a new edition.

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