Where is Bondues located?

Wülfrath's French twin town Bondues is a town not far from the French-Belgian border. It is located not far from the city of Lille in the Nord department.
Bondues can be reached from Wülfrath after approx. 332 kilometres.

Things to know about Bondues

Bondues is only a three-hour drive from Wülfrath near Lille, where a large part of the 11,000 inhabitants are employed in the high-tech and textile industries. The small, picturesque Bondues had 3000 inhabitants until the 1960s. The construction of a golf course, around which the detached houses are grouped in a garden-like layout, expanded the town and made it the preferred residential area for management working in Lille.
So Bondues is not only young in terms of urban history, but also its inhabitants. A conspicuously large number of young families live in Bondues. However, further expansion is not planned so as not to jeopardise the character of an attractive but cosy small town.

Town twinning

The twinning with Bondues has existed since 2003.
There is currently a school exchange between the twin towns.