United Kingdom

Where is the town of Ware?

Our English twin town Ware is located in the county of Hertfordshire, about 30 kilometres north of London on the River Lea.
From Wülfrath, it takes about 660 kilometres by car to reach Ware.

Things to know about the town of Ware

Around 18,000 people live in Ware.
In the centre of town, near the High Street, is the Priory, a former medieval monastery that has been restored in recent years with donations from the people of Ware. It is not only a special gem, but also the seat of the municipal administration and the council of the town of Ware.
From the 17th to the 20th century, life in Ware was dominated by malt production. In the meantime, the English town rose to become the first malting town in England. Today, the largest employer in Ware is the English-American pharmaceutical company Glaxo Wellcome, and the many maltings along the River Lea have been converted into chic flats, giving Ware an attractive touch of its own.

Town twinning

The town twinning with Ware has existed since 1971.
Swimming competitions are held annually between the cities.
Ware has had a stand at the Herzog Wilhelm Market for many years.