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Our association was founded in 2000. Meanwhile, the association has about 50 members.

The aim of the association is to maintain and strengthen the connection between the twin towns of the city of Wülfrath. We help clubs, schools, organizations and individuals connect with like-minded people in Ware and Bondues. Through our cooperation, numerous sporting events and concerts are held in the respective cities. We also arrange internships for young people in various companies in our partner cities. Mutual visits promote a lively exchange in the cultural and social fields in the spirit of a peacefully united Europe.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about membership in our association.

The minimum annual membership fee is €15.00 for individuals, €20.00 for families and €50.00 for legal entities (companies, associations).

You can pay your membership fee either by SEPA direct debit mandate or bank transfer.

We offer you a variety of opportunities for involvement in our association.