Our twin town Ware at the Herzog-Wilhelm-Markt

The Herzog-Wilhelm-Markt shines again in the pre-Christmas season.

Our twin town Ware is with its stand at the Herzog-Wilhelm-Markt and is looking forward to many guests. The team starts with Kevin and John (in front of the cabin) and James and Cath. Here you can find delicious drinks with and without alcohol. The range extends from a cup of tea to a Ware Wolf. But be careful! The Ware Wolf has it all!

On Sunday, the Circle of Friends will have an information stand at the Herzog-Wilhelm-Markt, to the right of the handball stall.

When you visit us, there will also be a voucher waiting for you, which you can exchange for a drink at the Ware stand.

We and our friends from Ware are looking forward to your visit.

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